Rat Catcher

By Rob Pearce

A platform game inspired by Bubble Bobble, Rodland, Snow Bros and the like.


Ratcatcher's introduction sequence

Start of level text

The boss at the end of the first world.
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This game is 90 percent complete, but not quite there. Once finished, I plan to release Android tablet, Linux and OSX versions. Tasks still to do:
  • Compose original music tracks.
  • Draw graphics for between-level sequences.
  • Review difficulty curve over all levels.
  • Re-rewrite hiscore code to remove Internet dependancy.
  • Add option for player 1 to play as Mrs. Dwarf.


    Contact me at rob AT nethack DOT net with any questions, comments, etc.



    Mr. Dwarf
    Mr. Dwarf is currently highly disgruntled due to repeated burglaries of his hard-earned dinner. After one theft too many, he is now out for revenge! When encased in his shining suit of golden armour, Mr. Dwarf is bestowed with incredible powers of endurance, and is able to withstand any earthly threat. Once once, though.

    Mrs. Dwarf
    Mrs. Dwarf, being the loyal partner that she is, has become equally aggrieved by the constant re-appropriation of culinary treats and has joined Mr. Dwarf on his quest to end the rat menace forever. Her more feminine armour no less effective, just slightly more visually appealing with its convenient openings for lipstick and hair!

    The weakest of the monsters, the rat will simply walk back and forth waiting to be caught. Beware an angry rat though, as it will try to fall or jump in order to catch you!
    Bees, while still relatively weak, gain an advantage over rats in that they are able to fly. They move in a simple diagonal pattern, changing direction when they get near a wall or spikes. Bees will speed up when angry.

    Redback spiders will lurk quietly on the ceiling, crawling back and forth. If they notice a player nearby however they will swiftly pounce down onto their prey!
    The snake moves in a similar fashion to the rat with one important exception - upon seeing a player they will spit a glob of deadly venom at them!

    The tick is small but intelligent. Even in its regular placid state it will move in the same manner as an angry rat. Because of their small size, they are also difficult to target with a slam!
    Snails are slow moving but tough. When attacked normally they will not die, but simply lose their shell and become a slug. The safest way to take them out is to slam another monster into them, thus killing them instantly.

    Slugs are faster moving than snails and capable of launching themselves through the air at their prey!
    These fish at at home in the water and unhampered by slowness while swimming.

    Evil venus fly trap plants will lie in wait and devour any player foolish enough to wander into their clutches.
    Annoying pests at the best of times, flies pose additional danger to dwarves. They fly around more erratically than bees and after landing can scurry quickly back and forth.

    Green frogs will continually bounce around, making them more difficult to catch. They are also excellent swimmers.
    Worker Ant
    Worker ants are relatively easy to avoid, but when fed will quickly grow into more dangerous soldier ants.

    Soldier Ant
    Soldiers move faster and are more intelligent than their worker siblings. In addition, with just a little food they will become queens.
    Queen Ant
    After an ant has eaten enough, they become a Queen. Queens are just as fast as soldiers and can also breath fire. Furthermore, they are only one meal away from spawning additional ants!

    Whitetail spiders are more intelligent than other monsters - they are aware of nearby players and will use the landscape to track them down!
    The bat moves in a straight line until it hits a wall. Although simplistic in their movement, bats have the ability to fire a burst of sonar to take out an unwary player!

    Cloud of Doom
    This unkillable cloud will appear if you spend too much time on one level. Beware, as the only way to defeat the cloud of doom is to complete the level before it grows too large to handle!
    King Rat
    This mighty creature is the ruler of the rats, and impervious to the player's net. It can only be harmed by slamming another monster into it! King Rat will roam the level searching for a player, and upon spotting them will charge at high speed.

    King Snail
    The absolute ruler of the snail kingdom is far too large and heavy to catch in a net. In addition, its shell provides protection against all attacks, leaving only its head vulnerable. While King Snail is too proud to chase down enemies itself, it can use its snail army to destroy its foes.
    King Fly
    King Fly is quite literally the lord of the flies. Far from the timid garden-variety fly, King Fly will roam around with its entourage of underlings in tow, running down anything in its path!

    King Ant
    All ants bow down to King Ant, the ultimate ant overlord. King Ant is an enormous fire ant, endlessly covered in flames and able to create ant sustenance from its body. Its flames are so intense that they can instantly melt through solid ice!
    King Cat
    The elusive King Cat masterminded the great food heist, and is rumoured to weild powerful arcane magic...



    Worth 500 points.
    Ice Cream
    Worth 1000 points.

    Worth 1500 points.
    Worth 2000 points.

    Worth 2500 points.
    Worth 3000 points.

    Worth 3500 points.
    Worth 8000 points.

    Gold Coin
    Worth 250 points.
    Gold Bar
    Worth 10000 points.

    Worth 5 points.
    Worth 10 points.

    Worth 30 points.
    Worth 75 points.

    Worth 50 points.
    Worth 100 points.

    Worth 2500 points.  
    Permenant Powerups

    Speed Up
    Makes you walk faster.
    More Nets
    Increases the number of monsters you can catch simultaneously.

    Big Net
    Makes your nets reach further.
    Gives useful game information or hints.

    Gives you a suit of armour which will protect you from death.
    Gem Boost
    Increases the length of gem streams.

    Gives the player all powerups
    Powerup Bell
    Rings if certain types of powerup are going to appear on the level.

    Coats your net in a layer of sticky honey, allowing it to pick up fruits from afar.
    Scuba Mask
    Allows you to move fast underwater.

    Slows your descent, giving you more time to contemplate your rat eradication quest. Activate this useful item by holding UP while falling.
    Winged Boots
    These magical boots cause you to grow wings, allowing to you jump again while in mid-air!

    Keep a look out for these useful items. Collect a full poker hand for a secret bonus!  
    Temporary Powerups

    Boxing Glove
    Your net will punch monsters, killing them instantly.
    Diamond Flower
    Transforms all flowers on the level into diamonds.

    Rainbow Flower
    Transforms all flowers on the level into gems, and turns itself into an extra-long stream of gems.
    Explodes and kills all monsters on the level.

    Temporary invulnerability
    Slamming your net will cause a lethal explosion!

    Silver Ring
    Until the end of the level, you gain points for jumping.
    Gold Ring
    Until the end of the level, you gain points for walking.

    Stops time for 10 seconds
    Freezes the level, turning everything to ice - touch a monster to shatter it!

    Fly Spray
    Sickens all monsters, causing them to slow down to half speed.
    Fusion Cannon
    A powerful weapon which will shoot out laser beams in all directions!

    Calls in your helper cloud and immediately skips two levels (but note that this cannot skip a boss level).
    Awards the player an extra life.

    Shoots deadly razor blades in all directions.
    Calls in a powerful meteor strike!

    The leaky tap will flood the level with water for 20 seconds, allowing you to access hard to reach areas.
    4-Leaf Clover
    Increases your luck...

    Makes your nets enormous
    Green Skull
    Avoid these at all costs! The green skull will shrink your net to miniscule proportions for the remainder of the level.

    Temporarily equips you with a super powerful machine gun!
    Bug Zapper
    Zaps nearby enemies with miniature bolts of lightning

    Garden Gnome
    This tricky little gnome has rigged explosive devices to all flowers on the level - when collected he will detonate them!
    Magic Wand
    A wave of the magic wand will magically polymorph all monsters into weaker ones. Anything which can't become weaker will be instantly destroyed!

    Produces an extremely loud, shrill whistling noise which wakes the black cloud of doom! In its angered state, the black cloud will slaughter both friend and foe alike.
    Once collected, the candle will cause all enemy corpses to burst into flames, igniting any other enemy which they touch.

    The extremely heavy anchor will weigh down enemies, preventing them from jumping or flying.
    Collecting this powerup will align the magnetic forces of the earth in your favour, attracting all nearby fruits towards you.

    Red Skull
    This skull curses you and will repel fruits away from you, denying you access to them!
    For the remainder of the current level, the jetpack's thrust will add to your jumping ability!

    Creates a bright flash of light, blinding all enemies.
    Eating this pill will cause you to enter a hyperactive state, moving at four times your standard speed!

    Ray Gun
    Alien in origin, the ray gun contains enough charge for five shots of burning plasma.
    Top Hat
    Players wearing the top hat will find that every item which appears will now be a power-up!

    Magic Lamp
    The magic lamp shifts you into an alternate dimension filled with gold! Collect it all for a kingly bonus... ?
    Gives you a random effect...
    Super Powerups

    Big Speed Up
    Makes you walk faster, permenantly!
    Big Scuba Mask
    Permenantly gives you fast underwater movement.

    Big Umbrella
    Bestows you with an umbrella which can survive death!
    Big Helmet
    Endows you with a permenant suit of armour!